The Katholische Stiftungsfachhochschule München, University of Applied Sciences (KSFH) is a nationally and internationally well known University qualifying professionals for the Social, Education and Nursing Sector, with the Catholic Church as funding body.

We tender for about 2000 students at our branches in Munich and Benediktbeuern. The branch in Munich is located in the lovely borough of Haidhausen almost in the centre of the city and the branch in Benediktbeuern is situated in the picturesque and old-established Benediktbeuern abbey in the alpine upland, one hour by train from Munich.

With 52 professors, 56 administrative staff members and more than 300 visiting lecturers, we ensure committed and professional support as well as evidence based and practice oriented studies. We offer BA and MA study programmes and organise through our “Institute for Continuing Education, Research and Development” (IF) various advanced professional training and continuing education courses. We cooperate with stakeholders and participate in professional discourses about policy matters in the field of education, socio-policy, and health care.

Mission Statement

The overarching mission of the Katholische Stiftungsfachhochschule München is:

  • to supporting the Social Work, Education and Nursing Sector through qualifying professionels, research and development, as well as further training
  • to tendering evidence based scientific methods and procedures and teaching competencies to be put into practice
  • to participating in professional discourses about policy matters in the field of education, socio-policy, and health care
  • to offering a place for in-depth discussions about values, theology, religious practice and personal perspective of life


We support student, teacher, and staff mobility to and from our partner Universities, foster international research projects for our professors and lecturers, and facilitate group excursions for professors and their students. We have partner universities in Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Finland, France, Hungary, Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, and USA.

Study Programme

BA Programmes:

  • Social Work (full- and part time)
  • Nursing Management
  • Nursing Education
  • Nursing (Dual Course)
  • Early Childhood Education

MA Programmes:
Consecutive Education

  • Social Studies Education
  • Social and Health Management

Nursing Science

Continuing Education

  • Social Work
  • Substance Abuse and Addiction Counselling
  • Spiritual Counselling

Further Training Courses
Theological Training Programme (TZ)
Experimental Education Programme (EPZ)

Centre for Arts,
Aesthetics and Media

The Centre for Arts, Aesthetics and Media (KÄM) is offering additional support and expertise in following areas:

  • Music Education
  • Media Education
  • Applied Drama
  • Art Education


Dear visitors,

we are currently working on the English homepage. Please contact the International Office directly for any inquiry / request:

Andrea Gavrilina
Referentin International Office
P.: +49 89 48092 1403.